Video Schema Generator for Blogs, Article and News Websites

With the article schema type, you can add structured markups for a news, blog or article page that can enhance the appearance in search results.


What Is the Video Schema Generator?

Google sometimes shows rich snippets for pages that contain videos. It uses video-specific structured data on the page to understand more about the videos it shows. These enhanced results can show up on multiple Google platforms including search, video, images and Discover.

There are currently several ways Google can enhance a video result, and more to come. You can also reference videos in How-to and Recipe structured data.

Some of the features this editor support are only available to a few providers. This includes clips and carousels (lists). You can register interest from Google’s Video structured data page.

Video Automatic
JSON-LD Schema Code

How to Add Video Schema Generator?

Here’s how you can implement a review schema markup on your website in three easy steps with zero coding skills.

Copy the code and paste it into the header tag. Use the following editor to enter your video or video collection, then scroll down to see the code for your structured data using the vocabulary in JSON-LD or HTML/Microdata formats. Or pick from one of our examples showcasing different ways to markup videos.

The editor makes it easy to add videos hosted on YouTube, however ideally you want to provide URLs to support your video on your own site and pages so that Google can send people to your site to view your videos. If you define clips you would need to add a mechanism on your video pages to start the video based on a provided query parameter Quickly add Emojis to text fields …    on Windows:  + .    on Mac: CTRL + CMD + Space.


This class contains derivatives of IPTC rNews properties. rNews is a data model of publishing metadata with serializations currently available for RDFa as well as HTML5 Microdata. More information about the IPTC and rNews can be found at