Local Business Schema Generator

With the article schema type, you can add structured markups for a news, blog or article page that can enhance the appearance in search results.


What Is the Local Business Schema Generator?

When we talk about Local Business schema, we’re really talking about types and properties within the schema.org vocabulary that are used to categorize and define information about businesses. The LocalBusiness type, or one of its associated types, should typically be used to markup your homepage. Adding Local Business markup to your website translates your human-readable content into the machine-readable language of JSON-LD.

We will show you how to use specific identifiers (@ids aka URIs) to define objects in your content as distinct entities with their own properties and relationships to other entities. Once defined, these entities can be linked to a search engine’s knowledge graph through structured data like schema markup. Knowledge graphs represent the linking of information and data across the Web, providing content for search engines as they crawl your website.

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JSON-LD Schema Code

How to Add Local Business Schema Generator?

Here’s how you can implement a local business schema markup on your website in three easy steps with zero coding skills.

Step One: Required Properties

Add the required schema.org properties for LocalBusiness structured data markup using our reference above. We recommend our own tools, the Instant Schema, but there are many different options out there.

Step Two: Structured Data Guidelines

Check that your markup follows Google’s structured data guidelines

Step Three: Deployment

If you are satisfied with your markup, ensure that your integration method is set up and the markup will deploy to your page. Google recommends using JSON-LD, which is also our favorite format for deployment!

Step Four: Validation

Test that your schema markup is working using Google’s Rich Results Testing Tool and the Schema Markup Validator, which has officially replaced Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. Read more about this change in our news post here.

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